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New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (NET for short), located in Fushun, China, is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise with Capital invested of 44 million dollars, and covers an area of 60,000 square meters. NET specializes in producing high pressure gas cylinders including seamless aluminum gas cylinders and liners, aluminum lined carbon fiber full-wrapped composite cylinders with capacity of 400,000 cylinders per year. NET high pressure gas cylinders have wide applications in many fields such as Automobiles, Chemical and Medical industry, Firefighting, Petroleum industry, Resources, Construction,Food and beverage, etc.

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Industrial Specialty Gas Cylinders Beverage Cylinders(CO2) SCBA cylinders Medical Cylinders (O2)
SCUBA Cylinders Fire Extinguishers
  • Industrial Specialty Gas Cylinders
    Industrial Specialty Gas Cylinders
  • Beverage Cylinders(CO2)
    Beverage Cylinders(CO2)
  • SCBA cylinders
    SCBA cylinders
  • Medical Cylinders (O2)
    Medical Cylinders (O2)
  • SCUBA Cylinders
    SCUBA Cylinders
  • Aluminum Fire Extinguishers
    Aluminum Fire Extinguishers
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